Letting go

The rope she was holding on to was getting thinner and thinner, her efforts were weighing it down. Try after try, the rips were multiplying, it was no longer a rope but just a cluster of frays, it was breaking down.

And then she let Jesus in, and He mended every fray.

He had been waiting to come in and make the rope whole again. He sealed every tear. He made it stronger than it had ever been. He never restores something back to just the way it was before, He never takes us back to just where we were before the rope started to break, He takes us higher. He takes us to an even better place. He takes us to a place with an even larger abundance of blessings because He’s just that good.

She has no desire to hold on to that thin rope again, using every work and every effort trying to pull herself back up. That’s not God’s best. He wants us to lean back, let go, let Him in, trust that He is good, and rely on Him to do it all for us because He can do a lot better job than we ever could.

He spoke the stars into the sky and water into the sea. He’s got this.

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