Free in His love.

I have a question, which sounds more appealing to you?..

1. Go, go, go. Do, do, do. Work, work, work. Stress, stress, stress.


2. Peace. Ease. Rest.

I hope that you chose #2!

The truth of the matter is, society tells us to pick #1. They tell us to always be focused on the ‘grind’ and that if we’re not constantly overwhelmed, putting more and more on our workloads until we have 10 million things going on in our lives, we’re being lazy. “Having a lot on your plate” has gained a more positive connotation rather than negative, and they tell us ‘responsibility’ means to constantly keep your eyes focused on working your way to the top,

Let me just tell you this- The most responsible thing that a person can ever do is keep their eyes on Jesus, casting all of their cares into His nail pierced hands. I can promise you as much as I can promise that the sun will rise tomorrow morning that if you truly cast every worry in your heart to Him, all stress will eventually melt away and He will cause you to prosper in life beyond what you could ever dream of.

Once the Lord spoke to me, telling me to “Let fear be washed from my mind, and live freely in His love.” How beautiful is that. I wanted to make this blog post because those words He spoke to me have been on my mind a lot lately. Our nature as humans is to rely on ourselves, but our nature as believers needs to be to rely on Jesus. He loves us so much and wants us to rely on Him and His love alone.

2 Timothy 1:7 says:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Why do we stress out 99.9 percent of the time? Because of fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of not making enough money, the list can go on and on! It’s so easy in today’s society to be fearful and stressed out, fear seems to be the soundtrack of the world these days. But, we as believers are in this world, but not OF this world (John 17:16)! When we live life knowing that Jesus has got our backs no matter what, fear and stress literally have no choice but to melt away. As we rely on Him, day by day we become more relaxed, at ease, restful people. He wore a crown of thorns at the cross for us to have a sound mind. He paid the price for every ounce of stress or worry that could ever plague us. He cares about the big things and He cares about the small things. He cares about every minuscule detail of your life because you are His beloved. We are truly free in His love! Hallelujah!

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